Diagnosis Kit

For OFF-HIGHWAY diagnostics, TEXA offers the unbeatable combination of the NAVIGATOR TXT MULTIHUB  and the extremely robust AXONE NEMO 2, two perfect tools for use in tough and outdoor environments. The NAVIGATOR TXT MULTIHUB can also be connected via Bluetooth to a Personal Computer, and can be used to diagnose all kinds of vehicle in the AGRICULTURE Equipment, CONSTRUCTION, TRUCK, CAR, MARINE and BIKE environments.




How It Works:

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The evolution of remote diagnosis for heavy-duty trucks, agricultural and construction vehicles




Advantages for TEXA workshops

Through the Workshop Portal, there is the possibility to increase customer loyalty thanks to a highly professional service, which allows them to:

  • Constantly monitor the status of the vehicles remotely and to intervene on the electronic systems as if they were in the workshop.
  • Manage the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in advance.
  • Share an appointment planner for the
    maintenance with the driver and the fleet manager.
  • Manage the customer portfolio with a single software program.
  • Create a detailed customer profile.

Advantages for the drivers

  • Thanks to an APP* that supplies very useful information while driving the vehicle, it is possible to:

    • Read the Tachograph data in real time.
    • Monitor your driving style.
    • Fill out a Driver’s Daily Vehicle Check & Defect Report list as required by the regulations of certain countries.
    • Read the vehicle data in real time.
    • Have a remote vehicle diagnosis available that helps solving any fault quickly, avoiding having to go to the workshop.
    • Consult the service calendar shared with the workshop.

    * For Android and iOS

Advantages for the fleet manager

Through the Fleet Manager Portal, can:

  • Check the entire fleet regarding the status of the vehicles at a maintenance level.
  • Assist remotely, through the diagnosis and the solution of possible vehicle faults by the workshop, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Monitor the status of the maintenance of the vehicles and their expirations.
  • Share an appointment planner for the maintenance with the workshop.
  • Detect each driver’s driving style.
  • Download the Tachograph data remotely.
  • SDownload remotely, directly from the ECU, the Trip Data Recorder, allowing detailed
    analyses of the use of the vehicle.