Installs on any combine with a clean grain elevator, bringing precision agriculture capabilities to all farmers.


The FarmTRX system installs on any combine with a clean grain elevator – in under 2 hours.


View live and average yield readings from the cab with your Android or Apple iOS smartphone or tablet.


Precision yield maps are automatically generated within minutes of data upload.

Everything You Need In One Box

Yield Monitor

Housing enough on-board storage to archive years of harvest data. The Yield Monitor installs in the cab of the combine and uses Bluetooth® connectivity to pair with your smartphone or tablet.

Moisture Sensor

Bringing moisture capability to your yield monitor. The Moisture Sensor installs at the base of the elevator clean-out door. View live and average moisture readings directly from the cab and get precision moisture maps.

Rugged Optical Sensors

Two optical sensors mount on either side of the combine clean grain elevator and use a light beam to measure yield volume on each passing paddle.

QuickConnect Install Kit

Sensor installation is fast and effective with the QuickConnect mounting system. A Drill Guide Kit, including a drill extension, necessary drill bits and drill guide, is included with the Yield Monitor.

GPS Antenna

The included GPS antenna mounts on the roof of your cab. Whether your combine is pre-GPS era, or brand new, this antenna will provide accurate position, speed, and area readings.

Wiring & Harnesses Included

No hidden fees for cables or “unlock” fees. We supply everything you need to get up and running including ruggedized cables and connectors.




Install On Any Combine with QuickConnect Technology

The fastest optical sensor mounting system available.
FarmTRX’s patent pending QuickConnect mounting technology keeps installation time down to under 2 hours. Rugged design allows for use in every environment.

Monitor and Upload Data from your Phone or Tablet

  • No dedicated display.
  • Use your own device to wirelessly connect to the Yield Monitor.
  • Calibrate once per crop type, per season to get accurate in-cab readings. If you want to input field totals after harvest, you can do that too.
  • Precision Yield Maps

    Upload yield data directly from the field using your own device. The web app begins generating precision maps moments after upload.

    Automated precision maps

    Multi-combine calibration

    9 precision map output options

    Option to correct inputs after harvesting